. ."Scottish Fold & British Shorthair CFA and/or TICA Registered Kittens"
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"New 2018" summer babies are now starting to
arrive! Kittens are placed as companion pet and
are ready by 12 weeks of age. They are started
on their shots, de-wormed and come with written
contract. Prices do vary depending straight-ear,
or folded-ear.
(For more information on
!) Please contact me. ;-)
British Shorthair   
Previous Scottish
Fold Kittens
Previous Litter Of Brit Kittens
CH Dad: British Shorthair
Available: Scottish Fold Kittens, For More
Information On Availability, Please Contact Me.
Available: Sweet Brown/Marble
White Tabby Straight-ear boy.

Available: Sweet Cream/Red
White Van Pattern Straight-ear