The Scottish Fold are best known for its distinctive ears, which are folded forward and
down, and their large rounded eyes, which give them an very sweet, wide-eyed
expression. They are mellow and affectionate cats. Scottish Folds are found in both
shorthair & longhair, and come in a variety of colours & patterns. The long haired
variety is sometimes referred to as a "Highland Fold"

Scottish Folds can be traced back to their ancestry to a cat name Susie, a white
folded-ear cat discovered in 1961 in Scotland. Although the breed was developed in
Scotland and England and the first cats were registered in GCCF, using primarily
British cats in its development. The first Scottish Fold cats, originally called
"Lop-eared cats", arrived in the United States in 1971. They were accepted for
registration in several United States associations in the early 1970s, and the late
1970s had achieved championship status in most North American registries. Long
haired Scottish Folds followed suit in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many Scottish
Folds have the habit of sitting up and or lying flat on their backs like a little bearskin
rug. Their small, folded ears are unusually expressive, more so than an average cats
normal ears. They have soft, chirpy little voices.

Interesting fact: Not all Scottish Fold kittens will have folded ears. All Scottish Fold
kittens are born with straight ears. It isn't until the kitten is about four weeks old that
a breeder will begin to know which kittens will have folded ears and which will not.
There are degrees of folding, too-- usually described as a single fold, double fold, or
triple fold. A single fold is generally a "loose fold and isn't show quality. The most
desirable fold is a triple fold, which is tight to the head. However, straight-eared
Scottish Folds are sought after in breeding programs but still make very Loving  
house-hold pets. Scottish Fold Breeders, may use British Short hair and or American
Short hair cats as allowable out-cross.
"Scottish Fold Description"