Hi Kathy,

We got a Christmas kitten, Montie, from you in 2017 and I thought you’d like to know she’s the best cat on the planet.
We are obsessed with her and love her dearly. She meets us at the door when we come home, she comes when we call
her name and loves to pester/play with our 15 year old wiener dog which I think keeps him young.
She’s the softest cat and brings joy to our life every day. Hope you are well.


Hello Kathy!
We purchased a beautiful kitten from you in late June and I just wanted to update you on how he is doing.
Last weighed a couple weeks ago at a vet check-up, he is just over 7 lbs and very healthy!
Out of all the cats I have had in my life, he is easily the most loving and sweetest cat.  
He is always purring and sitting by our side.  We love this little guy like crazy.
Attached are a couple pictures so you can see him mostly grown up for yourself!
Thank you for this wonderful kitten!


Hi Kathy.  We purchased a kitten from you around last May and we love him.  
So much so that we would like another :)  We would like to get one next
September or so when I return from Afghanistan.  Will you have a litter then or
around that time?  Thank you!


Oh this little one is adorable....You have such great kitties, I am so happy I
found you when doing my web search.  


I hope you are doing well! I wanted to send you an updated picture of Salmon
(attached), we just love him so much. I also just recently got engaged and will
be getting married this summer. Your cats are the best, I hope you never stop

Have a great weekend,


Vertra is doing great! She is very playful and likes to watch me while I cook!
She is a fantastic little kitty who loves exploring, I am so happy I chose you as
a breeder. Do you ever get short haired gray folds?

Thank you again!

Hi Kathy,
Just wanted to give you an update on your grandson (Kitty) OMG he is too
funny. He plays fetch everyday and does better with bringing it back than
Kody (Dog) does. This morning as I was half asleep, Lisa starts laughing and
almost falls out of bed. Up on the bed jumps Tank (Cat) with my bra, yes that is
right, he wanted to play fetch with it. So Lisa of course beings the clown, rolled
it up in a ball and threw it for Tank. He promptly brought it back and waited
in anticipation for her to throw it again. Needless to say, that! Went on for
several tosses before he decided biting toes was more fun.

He is getting big and just a bucket of fun. He loves Kody and lays beside him at
night when we watch TV. Unless of course he decides that playing with his
brothers feet is way more fun. Poor Kody is so patient he just lets him to
whatever. You sold me a good one that is for sure, love this guy to death.


Hi Kathy, Lisa thinks that Tank thinks the bra is a towel, but then again he
was playing fetch last night with her socks and brought her bra to bed this
morning to play. If they start to go missing I am going to have to find where he
hides stuff.

Take care Sue

Hello Kathy,
Hope you are doing well today!  I wanted to again thank you and your husband
for meeting us at the Pilot and also for being so patient with us regarding the
time frame.  We are so thrilled with Lylah, she is just an amazing cat in so
many ways!!!

You have done a fabulous job of giving her such a loving environment and what
a little lover she is because of that.

She is doing pretty good, still getting used to our environment and the change
of not having any siblings to play with.  She meowed most of the night and
wanted to hang out under the bed instead of the comfy places we set up for her.  
We have been giving her space as needed and will let her call the shots so we
don't make her any more nervous.  She has times of playfulness and times of
extreme lovingness.  Using her litter box well and eating and drinking
normally.  Our senior kitty is not super thrilled at the aspect of sharing us
with another kitty but she is doing better with her today (during supervised
meetings) than last night. Just a little hissing and meowing to let Lylah know
who's boss. ;) We think the transition is going well and will be one happy family soon. ;)

I've attached a couple of pictures for you.  The three are in the car coming home,
one is her with her set up space in our bedroom (litter box, food, water, toys, cat
tree, etc), and the last two are Alex in her bed.  We took allot more pictures but
they came out very poor quality when I emailed them from my phone.  We will
take some more soon and send them off to you. Was wonderful meeting you and
your husband. Thanks again and Lylah misses you all. All our best to you and
your family,

Anissa, Jose, Lylah, and Alex  

Hi There,
This morning she came running and purring when I got up.  She really loves to
but heads.  Her brother wants to be friends but she keeps hissing at him.  But
she did start to play today with a toy mouse and a ball, she certainly is a love.  
Love when they have been so well socialized - which has been the case with all
three of the Kittens I've gotten from you.  When I get home tonight, will let her
and her brother together for a while. Take care and thanks again.


Hi Kathy.  

Just wanted to let you know how well Dash'ear is doing.  I love him to death.  He
now flops over when you start rubbing his back because he absolutely loves
having his belly rubbed.  He'll lay there for at least a half  hour if you continue
to rub his belly.  He still has the black smudge on his head that has not gone
away, looks really cute -all white and then that smudge.  I'm so thrilled with
him (as with Dext'ear and Myst'eary).  You have the best socialized babies.

Hope all is well with you and Alan.


I am going to have her spayed sometime in September and I will get that report
to you. I am so thankful for her, she is so pretty and so sweet. I have been
spoiling her with lots of toys, she seems to prefer the most vibrantly colored
mice toys, not sure where she would have found mice colored orange and green
in the wild but those are the ones she prefers in my living room! She is very
talkative, I try to respond back to her as much as possible and again she is so

I am attaching some pictures, hope all is well,


Hi Kathy!
Not sure if you remember me, but I bought our kitty Elwood from you in Nov.
2007. I just wanted to send you an updated picture of him a year and a half
old :0) We just love him to pieces and he is without a doubt the best kitten EVER!
SUPER sweet and we are so glad we got him. I hope you and your kitties are
doing well up in Oregon :0)

Take care!

Hey Kathy!
I am glad you enjoyed his pics! Yea, we LOVE his huge eyes and lil’ ears. He
looks like the kitty “Puss and Boots” from the movie Shrek. =)
I haven’t had a chance to get to our office where the papers are, but when I do I
will be sure to let you know the names, as we would LOVE to see the parents. =)
He just has the most unique personality, and behaves SO well. He is all love, not
a mean or ornery bone in his body, and we love it.

Any new litters coming soon?


Kathy, glad you enjoyed the cake it was our pleasure. New thrills every minute
he has taking to me real good loves to sit in my lap and play then he wants to sleep
there I've found a new little buddy thanks so much again.

Thanks again Don.

11 weeks old today and sure I'm enjoying my new home this guys got a real soft
lap love to lay on it in the evenings. Went and got my shot today and i was a
good boy in the car had to keep one eye on him so he didn't get lost other that it was no
problem.  I'm sleeping eating and play doing really well hope you are OK.  


By the way...we love and adore him and he has the best personality ever...thanks


Hi Kathy,
I adopted a kitten from you almost two years ago. Baxter is doing well, thought
I would send you an updated photo. He is so very handsome.


Hi Kathy,
I'm glad you like the picture of Baxter...he loves to pose for the camera--he's
such a ham.  He's got the most amazing personality, as well as being an
extremely handsome kitty. I could not have asked for a better little guy--
thank you for him!


Hi Kathy,
Just a quick note to let you know that Princessa is doing great and is cuter
than anything. Every night she wants to sleep with the kids, and every morning she follows me
everywhere until I leave for work. She's almost five pounds now and gives the
older cats a hard time whenever she can, and they are really tolerant of her "kitty" games.  
Just wanted to say thank you, and that she is an amazing kitty.  We'll probably want
another one in a year or two.


Hi Kathy!
Wow, its been awhile since I have spoken to you...I just wanted to let you know
that our kitty we purchased from you in January, is awesome! He is such a character,
always following us!  I have a picture of him for you..he is so cool!  He is neutered and
up to date on all his shots..and he likes to sleep by my feet, or snuggled against my back
his favorite toy, is a laser...he goes nuts! Enjoy!

Take care,

Hi Kathy!
We got the BEAUTIFUL kitty this morning. We stopped at a rest stop and he
climbed up in the back window. I attached a photo taken from my camera phone, don't know
how well it will come out, hope you can see it. He is SOOOO adorable and sweet. Thanks so
much. He looks nice and clean and is soo soft. Thank you thank you. I will keep in
touch :0) hope you are doing ok since shipping him... He is going to be very well taken care of.


Cricket is doing very well. We love him to pieces. He seems happy as a clam
playing all day with the balls and ribbons all over the house. We are getting him to the vet
Saturday for shots.


Hi Kathy,
I thought you might like to see how "Lucy" is doing.  She is such a doll!


Hi Kathy,
Just wanted to let you know, in case you heard about our hurricane in Houston,
that our little Lucy is a very brave hurricane survivor. I stayed because they asked our
zip code residents not to leave so that those closer to the coast could get out. We had no
damage to the house but it was scary (for me, not Lucy!) and next time we will leave.  
But anyway - she just played during the whole thing!  What a gal!

Lucy has just stolen my heart!


I haven't emailed you in awhile.  Can you believe Lucy is 1 already?
She had a Party!  HA!  Here are some pics. The last one is so cute!
Hope you are doing well.


Hello Kathy!
I hope you guys are well. I just wanted to check in and let you know that we
are all doing great! We did decide to call him Obie and he is just adorable. I'll
attach some pictures of him. I was wondering when the next set of shots was due for him? I
think you said you gave it to him the Saturday before we picked him up, but so much has
happened since the 22nd that I can not remember. The boys get along and it's like Vader
knows that Obie is just a baby. He is gentle with him and they play together all day!
Thank you again.
Take care.


Hey Kathy!
I just want to let you know that i picked up the kitten and she is beautiful and
a cutie.

Thank you, she is a wonderful cat.


Hello Kathy,
I just wanted to give you a little update. Little Theodore/Dexter/ ?  Was very
well behaved on the ride home. We made it back safe and sound. I hope that your journey
back wasn't too bad. We stopped by and found the food he is used to eating to bring home
with us. Tony and I both played with the kitten who seems to really love shiny things
and imaginary things.   :)

He nibbled on a bit of food and used his litter box to tinkle. Everything so far is
really good. I'll send you some pictures hopefully soon. I want to thank you
also for making the effort to bring the kitty out to the meeting place to be picked up. It
was very much appreciated.

Thank you and take care!

We just got back from the vet and Sophie had a happy healthy checkup. She did
not have a cold in her eye, however if it is still watery in the next day, the vet asked that
she return. We are so in love with her and her personality is sweet, playful and
mischievous. We could  not be anymore thrilled. Is the little boy still available? Do you have pictures?


Oh man you didn't tell me he was gonna be THIS cute. Haha! He's SO awesome.
Tessa and I brought him home about an two hours ago and he ventured out of his
carrier and  into the area we've set up for him in our room. He's been playing and seems
really happy and excited. He's eating already and (almost) used the litter box haha
Anyway, thank you so much.  He really is the coolest little guy ever we couldn't be happier.  

Thanks again.  
-Joe and Tessa

Hello Kathy, we just wanted to send you a couple of photos of Bonk at his new
home. He's doing great and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again!

Hello again, Bonk is great he seems to have fully adjusted to life here at our
house, i just wanted to send you one more picture that I find particularly good. Hope you


Hi Kathy,
How are you doing? This baby boy of mine is the most lovable kitty. He is as
lovable as Romeo. Everyone enjoys him so much he is constantly moving after he gets
everyone where they belong, he hangs all over me and purrs. How are your new kitties
doing, if you get a chance, please send me some pictures. Are any like Jake?  Well I hope
that you are almost ready for winter, but that must be tough to do because you have some
really crazy winters there. I hope that ours isn't too bad this year. Well I have to go I will talk
to you later.


Hi Kathy,
I got the page with Jake on it and I LOVE it. It is priceless. Kate set it up on my
computer, he is so special and it looks beautiful. Thank you for the roses.  You are just a
sweetheart, just like all of your kitties. Talk to you soon.

PS I hope that you are feeling better.

Hi Kathy,
How is your leg? It sounds like it is getting better I am hoping that it is. I will
be thinking of you. We love this kitten so much he is so much fun!! We were hoping that he had a
brother or sister and we would have taken him. I will talk to you soon on the phone.


Hi Kathy,
Just to let you know, DJ's appointment to be neutered is October 3. I know you
already sent me the papers, but I wanted to let you know that it is scheduled and will
be done on that date. He is such a lover and you wouldn't believe how beautiful his
markings have become. Right now, he's going through "the terrible twos." He's
inter everything and everything that moves is to be caught.


Hi Kathy;
You are right, Smokey is as sweet as can be. We all love him.

Thanks again; Marcia

Hi Kathy,
The air is quite dry up here so Arran’s hair is completely in a fly-away state.  
She looks like a feather duster with legs!  Her coloring is beautiful and she
simply is a raving beauty.


Hello Kathy,
Kitty is doing fine.  She has everything any kitties heart desires!  She is spoiled
rotten.  I just bought a kitty condo play set up that takes up half of her room!  
We play fetch daily and hide and go seek.  She has quite a personality.
I can't begin to explain her personality!  She is so great and so sweet and then
the devil in her takes over and she has to get into everything possible.  It's so
funny!  She is sweet and loves to sleep on my bed right by my head.  She
usually has to be touching me in some way when she sleeps with me.  She is so
funny to watch when she plays and gets curious.  We all laugh at her behavior.