When Bringing Home A New Cat/Kitten!

         "             ."Tips For Your New Cat/Kitten"

There's things you can do within the first few days to ease your new
kitten into his/her new home. When you get home, Please select a
quiet, closed-in area such as your bedroom/bathroom, small room
away from the main foot traffic, and set kitty up with a litter box, bed,
food & water.

If feasible, make the starter room the permanent location of the litter
box/etc. If you plan on having the permanent location of the litter
box/etc elsewhere, you'll need
2-x litter boxes, Please do keep your
new kitten/cat indoors always, outdoor cats are exposed to disease's,
cat fights, & maybe even being killed by dogs and other wild
animals, and or even hit by cars. If you have other pets, don't
introduce the new pet immediately. Let your kitten get to know and
trust you, and you're household members first, before adjusting
him/her to the entire home.

FIVE, Steps To Solving The Kitty Litter Box Problems:

#1. Replace Your Current cat/kitten litter With Cat Attract™
Unfortunately, cats don’t buy their own litter. If they could, they
would buy a litter that has an outdoors-natural scent, like your
freshly turned garden. Cat Attract™ is the answer. It has a unique
herbal scent that attracts their curiosity and the right texture for
their paws. Although you may not be aware of Cat Attract’s scent, your
cat will.

#2. Freshen-Up, you don’t like a dirty bathroom, either does your cat.
Their sense of smell is 1000.00 more times better than ours, so clean
the litter box and refill with clean litter often, which  removes feces
and urine clumps/smell daily. If your cat does not respond to
his/her clean litter box, you may need to replace it. Some litter boxes
are old & are scratched with permeated scents, which most cat's find
offensive. Replace it and set up a second litter box in a different area.
Having one or more litter boxes is a good idea.

#3. Freshening up, Destroys the Evidence!
Once a cat has marked an area with urine or feces, problem cats
naturally regard it as an appropriate area for relieving themselves.
Do all that you can to eliminate any trace of odor from the “trouble

Clean it thoroughly with a
liquid enzymatic odor cleaner. Avoid
ammonia-based cleaners, which actually contribute to the problem
because of their urine like scent. Try to keep your cat away from the
trouble spot(s) by covering the area with a plastic carpet
runner/spike side up, or tin foil (cats dislike the feel of foil). A lemon
scented air freshener will also help in both repelling the cat and
neutralizing the odor.

If, your cat/kitten still can’t resist the area, try placing his/her food
there; Cats are unlikely to urinate or defecate where they eat. Try
using your cat’s own fragrance to your advantage: Rub a cloth
between your cat’s eye/ear to pick up their scent, then rub the cloth
over the problem area. Recognizing its own scent on the carpet, floor,
and or furniture, they may be reluctant to soil on those areas again.
Try this 2-3 x per day to be most effectiveness.

#4. Consider a Litter Box Make-over;
Hooded litter boxes are for owners,
not cats. Try removing the hood
and rethink the location of the boxes. They should be in a quiet, out-of-
the-way places, with convenient access for your cats, and not access
to the family dog (some dogs will stay around a litter box and make
the cat very nervous). Keep the litter boxes away from bright lights,
and loud noises. Set up one or more box than you have cats in your
household to cut down on traffic and mess. If your house has several
floors, have a box on each floor for your cat’s convenience.

#5. Treat Your Cat(s) to Some R&R.
Stress is a leading cause of litter box problems. Fortunately, there is
a lot you can do to ease your cat/kitten worried mind. Territorial by
nature, cats need to feel secure in their own environment in order to
relax. In multiple cat households, be sure each cat has a separate
“zone” with its own food, water, litter box, and his/her safe, elevated
perch for relaxing! Thermal Kitty heated beds, and carpeted Cat
Condos, makes excellent retreats for your stressed feline. Play with
your kitten/cat for at least 15 minutes per day, making sure he/she
has plenty of toys to stalk and chase after!      ;-)